🥬 If You Can’t Get 15/22 on This Anagram Quiz, You Haven’t Been Eating Your Vegetables

Are you a veggie virtuoso?

Do you know what anagrams are? An anagram is a word or phrase spelled by rearranging the letters of another word or phrase. Some examples of anagrams are satin/stain, fowl/wolf, and steak/skate.

Sometimes it is even possible to form an anagram that is related to the original word or phrase. 'Dormitory' is an anagram of 'dirty room'. Astronomers/no more stars is another clever example.

Now that you know what an anagram is, you are ready to dive into the fun world of solving anagrams.

"Eat your vegetables" is a childhood mantra that parents have told their kids at some point. Vegetables are good, and healthy, and important for a balanced diet. This quiz features anagrams of vegetables that everyone should be familiar with. Your job is to rearrange the letters in each anagram to form the name of a common vegetable. How quickly can you solve these veggie anagrams? You'll need to be as cool as a cucumber to figure them out.


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If You Can't Get 15 on This Anagram Quiz, You Haven't Been Eating Your Vegetables Questions

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