Are You Smart Enough to Be a Trivia Extraordinaire?

Will you be crowned a trivia extraordinaire today?

Are You Smart Enough to Be a Trivia Extraordinaire? Quiz

Think you're ready to take on the ultimate trivia challenge? Well, let's test your trivia smarts by giving this quiz a whirl.

Can you name the novel that Harper Lee wrote in the 1960s? Do you know which is the Golden State in the US? Can you pick out the different shades of yellow? All of these questions and more will determine whether or not you are a true trivia extraordinaire. We will shine a spotlight on different places of the world in this trivia test. From historical monuments and cities, to modern cities, locations, country flags, and US states. A good grasp on world history is important too, as you will be quizzed on ancient civilizations, old languages, and famous battles. As with all trivia quizzes, science will play an important part, including physics, astronomy, and animal biology.

If you are ready to answer such questions, you just may be able to ace this quiz! Pass this test successfully, and you will officially be crowned a trivia extraordinaire.

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