Which US State Do You Truly Belong In?

Is it time to move?

Just like how each and every one of us has various personality traits, the various states of America also have general characteristics of their own.

When it comes to getting along with others, there are competitive and cooperative states. Illinois, Delaware, and New Hampshire are the most competitive, while Montana, North Dakota, and Mississippi fall under the latter category. The most resilient states are Montana, Alabama, and Arkansas, while South Dakota, Delaware, and Kentucky tend to be the most neurotic when it comes to handling stress. States like Illinois, North Dakota, and Indiana are the most concrete in relation to using the mind, while on the opposite end, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Vermont are the most abstract thinking.

If you still can't find the state that matches you perfectly, don't worry! This quiz will make an in-depth analysis. Start by answering the following questions to find out which U.S. state you truly belong in!

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Which US State Do You Truly Belong In? Quiz Questions

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