This “Yes or No” Quiz Will Reveal If You Were Born in the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, Or ’90s

It would be hard for us not to get this right.

This Yes or No Quiz Will Reveal If You Were Born in '60s, '70s, '80s, Or '90s

Two things that have defined every decade are technology and fashion. Most trends that have been iconic in an era are likely related to either one of these.

The reinvention of gadgets into lifestyle products have changed our world as we know it. Take the telephone for example. A humble creation to connect people has evolved into a portable handheld device that most of us carry with us everyday. From a wired phone with a rotary dial to one with a keypad, and then to a portable, (almost) indestructible mobile phone and finally the elegant smartphone, the evolution over the past decades has significantly helped us to communicate.

As for fashion, there are clothing items and hairstyles that have remained unique to a particular timeframe and there are some that keep re-emerging. Items such as chokers, bucket hats, and fanny packs have transcended time to emerge in modern fashion yet again.

Share your experience with the following retro items. Whether you are familiar with it or not, your answers will reveal which decade you were born in!

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The Grungy '90s Quizzes
  1. If You’ve Eaten 11/20 of These Foods, You Must Be a ’90s Kid
  2. Can You Name These “Cheers” Guest Stars?
  3. Order a Cafeteria Lunch and We’ll Reward You With a ’90s Teen Heartthrob Boyfriend
  4. Buy Some Books at the Book Fair and We’ll Give You a ’90s Teen Heartthrob Boyfriend to Read Them With
  5. Can You Name These 1990s TV Shows?
  6. Can You Name These 1990s Action Movies?
  7. Can You Name These “Friends” Episodes by Their Screenshots?
  8. πŸ‘–Choose Which Retro Fashion Fads πŸ‘— to Revive and We’ll Reveal Your Age Group
  9. If You Know Who Sang These Songs, You Were Born Before 1990
  10. Do You Remember These TV Shows That Aired in the ’90s?
  11. Sorry, But If You Were Born After 1990, There’s No Way You’ll Pass This Quiz
  12. Pick Some ’90s Foods, Then We’ll Correctly Guess Your Age
  13. Can You Identify These Iconic 1990s TV Characters?
  14. I’m Sorry to Make You Feel Old, But Only People Born Between 1988-1994 Can Pass This Quiz
  15. Can You Name These 1990s Country Songs from Their Lyrics?
  16. Can You Pass a 1990s Trivia Quiz?
  17. This Pop Culture Quiz Will Be Very Hard for Everyone Except ’90s Kids
  18. Sorry, But If You Weren’t a ’90s Kid You’re Going to Fail This Music Trivia Quiz
  19. If You Weren’t a ’90s Kid You’ve Got No Chance of Naming These 15 Snacks
  20. Only True “Friends” Fans Can Get 15/20 in This Character Quiz
  21. Can You Name These 1990s Songs from Their First Lines?
  22. I’ll Be Honest, Only ’90s Kids Can Get at Least 15 Right on This Cartoons Quiz
  23. This “Yes or No” Quiz Will Reveal If You Were Born in the ’60s, ’70s, ’80s, Or ’90s
  24. Sorry Gen Z’ers, Only Millennials Will Have Seen at Least 17/33 of These Movies
  25. How Well Do You Know “Full House”?
  26. Tell Us How You Feel About ’90s Fashion and We’ll Guess How Old You Are
  27. Live a Day in the ’90s to Find Out Where You’ll Be in 20 Years
  28. If You Were on a 1990s TV Show, Which One Would It Be?
  29. Can You Name These 1990s Dolls?
  30. Can You Name These 1990s Family Movies?


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This Yes or No Quiz Will Reveal If You Were Born in '60s, '70s, '80s, Or '90s Questions