What Iconic Christmas Food Are You? 🎄

Are you perhaps the Yule log?

Around the world, people celebrate Christmas in different ways, eating different foods that reflect different cultures and traditions. In the United States, popular Christmas foods like cranberry sauce, glazed ham, and gingerbread cookies find their place on the dinner tables during the festive season.

In Japan, 3.6 million families order dinner from KFC on the eve of the holiday. The Japanese love of fried chicken is so strong that they reserve these meals in October! If you're a fan of fruitcake, you might not enjoy Christmas in Italy. Instead of the staple dessert, they serve panettone. It is similarly a cake with candied fruit and raisins, and it also consists of chocolate and nuts. A unique Christmas treat in Poland comes in the form of kolaczki. The confection is a dough made with sour cream or cream cheese and filled with jelly.

In this quiz, you can find out which iconic Christmas food you are. For this, all you need to do is answer the following Christmas-related questions about your festive preferences!

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What Christmas Food Am I? Quiz Questions

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