What Type of People Do You Attract?

What kind of people are you attracting in life?

May of us tend to date the same kind of people. It could be exclusively tall ones, only smart people, or just fit hotties! Even when it comes to choosing our friends, we tend to hang out with the same sort of people.

You may think you're attracted to the same kind of people because of an innate preference for certain qualities. However, it usually comes down to the circumstances we are in. Technically, people all over the world could have the characteristics you are looking for, but you're limited to those in your vicinity or by the methods you use to meet new people. You are also more attracted to people in similar situations as you. Basically, your type isn't purely based on what you're looking for, but also where you're looking for them.

In this quiz, we will find out the type of people you tend to attract! All you have to do is answer the following questions honestly and we will analyze you accurately. Go on and try it!

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What Type Of People Do You Attract? Quiz Questions

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