Everyone Has a Deadly Mythological Woman That Matches Their Personality β€” Here’s Yours

Might you be the goddess of death?

Which Deadly Mythological Woman Are You? Quiz

Mythology focuses on strong male leaders, for the most part. But there are some female figures who should be more recognised for their ability to blend beauty and strength gracefully.

In Indian mythology, Draupadi was said to be born from the fire, molding her fiery personality. Her burning passion for revenge against the people who wronged her led to an epic war. Tefnut in ancient Egyptian mythology was the goddess of moisture, rain, and dew. Her temper affected the weather, so getting on her bad side would ruin your surroundings. In Finnish mythology, Louhi is a powerful, shape-shifting witch. She is the blind daughter of the god of death, even giving birth to nine deadly diseases, including plague, sterility, and cancer.

In this quiz, you can find out which deadly mythological woman you are. All you have to do is answer the following questions honestly for us to analyse your personality and we'll tell you which legendary badass lady you are!


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Which Deadly Mythological Woman Are You? Quiz Questions