Which Decade Do You Belong In?

Do you belong in the current times?

We're living in the age of technology and innovation, where each day we come across more and more creative inventions to help us live our lives a little easier. But no matter how easy or amazing life seems to be as we move into the next year, we hold on to memories or items from previous years that delighted us in that period.

If you were from the '70s, the sight of candy cigarettes will evoke memories of yourself as a kid trying to act like you were cool with the candy. As an '80s kid, you would remember how you and your classmates used to freak out over how great each other's themed lunchbox was. Anyone from the '90s would surely be familiar with taking a trip to the video store and renting the latest movie, which was probably a month or two after it came out in cinemas. Finally, an iPod classic would remind you of all the great hits that came out in the 2000s!

Let's find out which decade you truly belong in. All you have to do is to answer the following questions about the past, present, and the future honestly. Go on!

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Which Decade Do You Belong In? Quiz Questions

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