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🍩 This “Which Dessert Must Go” Game Will Reveal Your Actual and Emotional Ages

Are you secretly an 18 year old?

Everyone craves for some sweetness and looks to having a delectable dessert every once in a while. However, we innately know that most sugary treats aren't worth the calories and the harm they do to our bodies. Many trendy food items have been marketed as being healthy, but there are a few that are actually bad for you!

Meringue cookies seem light enough to be accepted as healthy, but the added sugars make them an unhealthful snack. The same can be said about the mini eclair, which may deceive us with its innocent name. The cream filling in both the mini and larger versions are never good for your health!

In this quiz, you may choose one out of two desserts that you don't mind never having again. You can choose not to give up either dessert if you really can't or, if you're feeling determined enough, give both desserts up! What you choose to banish will determine both your actual age and your emotional age.


⚠️ May contain spoilers
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This Which Dessert Must Go Game Will Reveal Your Actual… Quiz Questions

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