Everyone Has a Fictional Male Villain That Matches Their Personality β€” Here’s Yours

Baddies have all the fun.

Which Male Villain Are You? Quiz

No matter what your personality type is, there is a famous male villain from fiction whom you are similar to. For those of you who are not already evil doers, you might be thinking to yourself "but I'm not a bad person, how is there a villain that is like me?" Well, no true villain really considers himself evil. There is no magic switch that goes off which turns a person from good to evil, just a series of motivations and justifications that take an awful turn.

While you might not be driven by this part of your personality in the same way fictional villains are, there is a good chance you and a famous movie or TV villain share similar goals and aspirations. This doesn’t mean you are going to take over the world, however, though you might decide to try.

If you take this quiz and answer the questions contained within, we will let you know which villainous male character you are most similar to.


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Which Male Villain Are You? Quiz Questions