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Your Choice in These Matters Will Determine the Fictional Timeline You Belong in

We may all be living in different timelines.
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The multiverse theory holds that you are living in just one of an infinite amount of alternate universes out there. In parallel dimensions there are other versions of you that are slightly altered in some way. You are only one of an infinite amount of versions of you that exist. This might be a mind-bending thing to wrap your head around but it really helps the Marvel Cinematic Universe explain plot holes.

We can determine what timeline you are living in based on the choices you make on this quiz. Perhaps you are living in a timeline where zombies have taken over, or one where the results of a major world war are different. There are an endless amount of universes you could be inhabiting. Go ahead and answer the questions on this quiz to find out which timeline you are currently existing in. The answer may surprise you!

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Your Choice in Matters Will Reveal Fictional Timeline Yโ€ฆ Quiz Questions

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