Which Male Celeb Over the Age of 40 Do You Belong With?

Would you say yes to these celebs over 40?

In the entertainment world, many celebrities find ways to look young and fresh to get work and to appeal to audiences. Many people still look about their age, whereas some transcend boundaries and look way younger than they really are.

Jared Leto, actor and frontman of 30 Seconds to Mars, keeps us entertained with his talents, incredibly flowy hair and unique style. Someone who seems to be so in trend must be in his late 20s to 30s right? Well, real-life Jordan Catalano is in fact 47 years old! Paul Rudd has always been in the public eye, from his memorable recurring role in Friends to his current role as Marvel superhero Ant-Man. Can you believe that he's turning 50 soon? The guy doesn't seem to have aged a day!

In this quiz, you will get to answer some questions about the celebrity world. Through your opinions on it, we will analyze your personality and tell you which celebrity male over 40 you should belong with!

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