Which Marvel Group Do You Belong To?

"Alright kid, you're an Avenger now." Possibly you after taking this quiz.

Which Marvel Group Do You Belong To?

Arguably the biggest super group from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Avengers have been well introduced to even the most casual moviegoer, with multiple movies featuring the group and its individual heroes.

Did you know that Captain America wasn't part of the original Avengers? Although the much-loved hero was a founding member in the film version, he was only granted a membership in the fourth issue of The Avengers comic series, in place of the Hulk. When the team first formed in the first edition of the comic series, it was the Wasp, Janet van Dyne, who came up with the name "Avengers". This series was released the same month as the debut of the X-Men. But the series would have never come to be if the publishers hadn't missed the deadline for sending the first issue of Daredevil to the printer!

Ever wonder whether you belong to the Avengers or some other super group? Find out which one that is in this fun quiz!

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