We Live in a Multiverse — Your Choices Will Reveal the Universe You Exist in

Where does the YOU you exist?

The multiverse theory has become a big part of pop culture these days. It’s a pretty interesting concept. That there are an infinite amount of universes existing on top of each other, and consequently an infinite amount of versions of you existing simultaneously. Also, the idea that one small change that wasn’t supposed to occur can cause a new branch of reality to exist. It’s possible your reality has branched off from its original path and now exists somewhere else entirely. That’s what this quiz seeks to determine.

It’s possible that you, as in the version of you that you are most familiar with, is living in a different universe than the one you started out in. You could have branched off to somewhere hitherto unknown. Only your answers on this quiz will reveal the truth. Go ahead and take this quiz, and we will tell you what parallel universe you are living in now.

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