Which Roman God or Goddess Are You?

You're obviously a god, but which one?

Roman mythology has a well-known connection to Greek mythology, with the former featuring gods and goddesses that are a variation of the Greek deities. However, there is a part of Roman mythology that features lesser-known gods you may or may not have heard of!

Mithras was not a Greek god but was originally a Persian deity. He was worshipped by a cult of imperial soldiers. It was like a secret club - they would go through secret rituals and prayers for Mithras. The Lares are well-known in the Italian community but not so much in the rest of the world. They are not worshipped by the masses, but, as the gods of family, were prayed to by many families in their homes across the country.

In this quiz, find out which ancient god from Roman mythology you're most like! Just answer the following questions about your personality honestly and you'll find out.

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Which Roman God Are You? Quiz Questions

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