Which Two Netflix Guys Are You a Combo Of?

Are you a Steve-Holden combo?

Netflix has been a game changer in the world of digital media, movies, and TV shows. Some of their original series are arguably among the greatest shows which have ever been produced in modern times.

It's no secret that shows such as Stranger Things,ย Orange is the New Black, and Black Mirrorย have large cult-like followings. The streaming service has been very successful in churning out its own not-available-anywhere-else programming that draws subscribers in and keep viewers engrossed for a long time. These shows have really touched upon a large percentage of the population and there's a good chance you are able to relate with multiple characters.

Take this quiz, answer these questions, and we will tell you what combination of two Netflix guys you have a personality similar to. As with many shows, the end result might not be quite what you are expecting it to be.

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Which Two Netflix Guys Are You A Combo Of? Quiz Questions

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