Pick a Bunch of TV Shows and We’ll Tell You Who Your TV Boyfriend Is

Because TV boyfriends are better than real life ones.

When we watch our favorite shows, we may sometimes find ourselves getting attracted to certain characters. It could be his humor, loyalty, charisma, or simply his good looks.

A perfect boyfriend from the television world would be the good guy Jim Halpert in The Office. Instead of attempting to break apart the relationship between his crush and her fiance, he stood aside and waited for the right time. Every day he waited, his love for her grew and it paid off one day. You have to respect his loyalty.

Another dream boyfriend for many is Damon Salvatore from The Vampire Diaries. This guy gave up everything for his girl to be happy, even if that meant her dating his brother! Of course, the dashing good looks of Ian Somerhalder, who helmed the role, helped a little.

If you want to find out who would be perfect for you from the TV world, take this quiz! Just pick some of your favorite TV shows and we'll tell you who your TV boyfriend is.

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