Pick a Bunch of TV Shows and We’ll Tell You Who Your TV Girlfriend Is

Because you deserve her.

Have you ever watched a romantic relationship unfold on your favorite TV show? Were you envious that you didn't have such an understanding, charming and beautiful girlfriend by your side? We've felt that way with a couple of special ladies before.

Lois Lane from Smallville is a bold and outspoken woman. This led to a lot of teasing back and forth between her and her actual Superman. However, the unspoken love they share initially has convinced us that she has the perfect blend of independence and passion, making her an ideal partner.

Another lady that stole our hearts is Rachel Green from Friends. The '90s American sweetheart was the dream girl for many, with her captivating good looks, chic clothing choices and trend-setting hairstyles. Her love for her group of friends had us wishing we were a part of it, especially as Ross.

In this quiz, tell us your favorites out of a bunch of popular television shows. Once you've picked them out, we will reward you with your perfect TV girlfriend!

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