Can You Identify at Least 30/40 of These đŸ¯ Wild Cat Species đŸĻ?

Will you emerge victorious in this wild quiz?

Did you know that there are many wild cat species in the world? They are different from domesticated cats in that they are not kept as pets and are not reliant on humans for food or shelter. These include lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, pumas, lynxes, ocelots, servals, and caracals. Most of these wild cats are found in Africa, Asia, and South America. Some of them, like the Siberian tiger, the Iberian lynx and the Andean mountain cat, are endangered due to their declining populations.

If you think you have the basics of cat species down, think again. There are forty wild cat species featured in this quiz, and your job is to ID all of them. So you can tell a cheetah apart from a leopard. But can you differentiate between a clouded leopard and a snow leopard? The majority of people aren't able to pass this quiz on their first try. Think you can do it? Let's find out in this wild quiz!

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