Spend a Day in the Roman Empire and We’ll Tell You If You Can Survive It

Would you make it out alive?

If you lived during the era of the Roman Empire, there are lots of different directions your life could go. You could lead a full and happy life as a productive member of the Roman society or you could perish early in your life due to making a grave error of sorts.

You might go on to be a popular and successful leader among the Romans based on your intellect and leadership qualities or you could end up sentenced to death by a power-mad emperor who enjoys tossing people off of cliffs.

See what we mean? Life in ancient Rome could be either fulfilling and amazing or quick and painful. Which way it goes depends on your personality and your ability to navigate through its culture. Answer the questions in this quiz and we'll tell you if you have what it takes to thrive in the Roman Empire.

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Spend Day in Roman Empire to Know If You Can Survive It Quiz Questions

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