How Long Would You Survive in the Middle Ages?

Can you actually make it to middle age?

The Middle Ages were a dangerous time. Be it through poor health, famine, war, the Black Death, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you could die at a momentโ€™s notice back then. In fact, you rarely were given even that amount of notice. The medieval period is also one of the most intriguing periods of our collective human history. Even though they are centuries away from where we are today, the events that took place during that period have played a large role in shaping our current modern-day society. For better or for worse, the Middle Ages has shaped how we live our lives today.

By answering the questions within this quiz, we will be able to tell you how long you would last if you lived during the Middle Ages. Take this quiz and put your medieval survival skills to the test.

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How Long Would You Survive in the Middle Ages? Quiz Questions

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