If You Know Where These Countries Are, You’re Smarter Than 95% Of People

Are you confident about your continents?

Who doesn't love a nice little geography quiz to get the brain going?

This one is simple, we need you to match the countries to their continents. Sounds easy right? After all, there are only seven continents on our planet, and you simply have to guess which one of these large land masses the place featured is located.

Are you able to do it? Can you pick out the continents that these countries are on? We have carefully chosen some common knowledge ones (we hope) as well as more obscure places to increase the difficulty of the challenge. To truly test your geography smarts, please do not refer to Google Maps for help at any point. Getting a good score on this quiz fairly will only increase the sense of self-worth should you beat your friends.

Ready to test your knowledge of the world? Get to it then!

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Know Where Countries Are? You're Smarter Than 95% Quiz Questions

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