Are You The Child, Adult, Teen, Or Old Person Of Your Friends?

In any group of friends, all individuals have unique personalities and play different roles, with each complementing the other. Each person’s role is essential to making the group dynamics work. Our close friends act as our second family. Sometimes, we even look to our friends for advice more so than from our own family.

Like a family, you have friends who are of different mental age groups. You may have friends who act just like a child. They may want things to go their way, whine when they don’t get it and stay upset for hours after. There’s also the person who seems unenthused about everything that’s “basic” and “mainstream”, just like a teen. There might also be an adult who likes to take charge and plan everything you do together and a wise, mentally mature person who gives great advice without being asked.

Which role do you play in your squad? Based on your answers in this quiz, we’ll tell you if you’re the child, teen, adult or old person in the group.