Unfortunately, Only 1 in 10 People Can Pass This Random Knowledge Quiz — Let’s Hope You’re One of Them

You'll earn your friends' undying respect if you can pass this quiz!

Do your friends always want you on their trivia team? Have you cleared all the cards in Trivial Pursuit? Do you eat, sleep, and dream trivia? Then this quiz is for you! Do you know that there are more people in the U.K. than in Canada, Australia, Norway, and Iceland combined? The U.K. population is over 65 million. Here's another factoid you may not know: roughly 33% of cats are not affected by catnip. The euphoric reaction commonly associated with catnip is hereditary.

This quiz is for the knowledge buffs, those who love the act of learning so much that it transcends subject matter. Wherever your strengths lie, you are quite likely to find something to challenge you in this quiz! Do you have what it takes to come away with a 50 per cent or higher score? Prove you have the intellectual brawn to dissect and decipher each question like a champ.

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Unfortunately, Only 1 in 10 People Can Pass This Random Knowledge Quiz — Let's Hope You're One of Them Questions

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