This Is the Hardest General Knowledge Quiz You’ll Ever Take, We Promise

Are you up there with the best quiz takers of all time?

You may have read the intimidating quiz title and are now feeling a little afraid of taking it on. It may well be the hardest quiz on general knowledge you've ever taken or will ever take, but we're not going to leave you in the dark. Here are some of the topics you will be tested on in this quiz.

You can look forward to questions on various places of the world. Do you know what the flag of Andorra looks like? What about where the Yukon River is located? Your historical knowledge will be tested too, especially about the Invasion of Normandy and the invention of tea. Games and sports-related questions also have a place in this quiz, with some on chess, basketball, and unique positions in various sports.

In this quiz, we will present you with such questions and more of a high difficulty. If you can pass this test, you're probably up there with the best quiz takers of all time! Dare you take up the challenge?

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