🥜 Every Answer to This Quiz Is a 6-Letter Food – Can You Get 14/20?

It's only 6 letters.

Wanna improve your mental agility, challenge your word skills, and maybe even learn a new thing or two? Feed your brain by playing this food quiz and try to figure out the answer in each bite-size puzzle.

Every puzzle in this quiz is related to a fruit, a vegetable, an ingredient, a dish or other foods. Your job is to figure out what that is based on the short clue given. Some are easy, and some are still pretty tricky!

And don't worry if you don't know an answer. Nobody knows everything! So don't let it get you down if you can't figure out what the clue is saying. There is no shame in missing an answer or clicking that "I give up" button to reveal the answer. The key is learning what you missed. Just remember that for this quiz specifically, all the answers are six-letter words. When you are ready, let's get solving!

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