๐Ÿ“บ I’ll Be Impressed If You Score 12/15 on This General Knowledge Quiz (feat. Netflix)

Netflix shows, Oscars, history, and more

What did any of us do before Netflix? We were just watching whatever the big cable networks decided we would. If you were to try explaining to a young person who has never known life without Netflix, he or she might imagine we all lived in the dark ages in some sort of a Flintstone-style existence. On a side note, Blockbuster really should have considered buying Netflix when it had the chance.

Many Netflix TV shows, movies, and documentaries deal with important issues going on in our world today or from history. In this quiz, we will test your knowledge not just on Netflix's original programming but also on several real-life events depicted in the shows and films. To do well on this quiz, not only are you going to have to have a lot of general knowledge, you better watch loads of Netflix as well. If you know a lot about world events and Netflix shows then take this quiz and see how well you can score.

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I'll Be Impressed If You Score 12 on This General Knowledge Quiz feat. Netflix Questions

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