The Way You Feel About These Bland Foods ๐Ÿž Will Reveal Exactly How Old You Are

Do you like your foods bland or full of flavor?

Bland foods typically are easily digestible foods that are gentle on the stomach. They tend to be soft in consistency, easy to chew, low in fiber and fat, and are usually non-spicy. And as the name implies, bland foods are mild in flavor.

On a regular day, not many of us will choose to eat bland foods over something richer or more flavorsome, like a slice of cheesy pizza or a plate of saucy meatball spaghetti. However, many of the so-called bland foods can in fact be rather tasty, even if mildly seasoned. Such foods include low-fat milk and yogurt, smooth peanut butter and other nut butters, eggs, broth, pudding, fruit juices, cream of wheat, skinless roasted or baked chicken, fish, cooked vegetables like beet, bean, spinach, and carrot, and tea.

Decide how much you like or dislike these common bland foods, and we'll figure out the age of your taste buds.

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