Build a ’90s Lunch Box and We’ll Reveal Which Iconic Decade Boyfriend You’ll Have

Would you pack a Capri Sun juice with your Lunchables?

Arguably, the 1990s were the greatest decade to date. It was the time of iconic pop culture moments, groundbreaking technological developments, and shows that kept us glued to the television. If you were a kid in the '90s, you were lucky to experience all of these and enjoy the best, most creative items food companies had to offer.

We don't really know how this became a thing, but who didn't enjoy breaking and then munching on raw instant noodles? We couldn't get enough of the salty seasoning that came in the packet. Snack cakes were a popular option for school-going kids because of how easily and quickly you could eat them (and of course, they were delicious!). That's why there were so many variations of the treat. But one treat that stood out was the chocolate and cream Jos Louis cake. If you had this in your lunch box, you'd be treated like royalty in the school cafeteria!

In this quiz, we want to teleport you back to the best decade ever! Pick out every item you would want in your lunch box if you were a '90s kid. Your delicious choices will help us determine who your iconic decade boyfriend is!

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