If You’ll Eat at Least 16 of These “Acquired Taste” Foods, You’re an Adventurous Eater

Come on, be honest with yourself...

Even though everyone has different tastes, there are certain foods that many of us agree are just an acquired taste. Often, it's just the fact that the brain needs to get used to new tastes, smells, and textures through repeated exposure before your tongue recognizes that it's actually enjoying itself.

When you acquire a taste for something, it means you've learned to ignore the food's perceived negative qualities in order to enjoy its benefits. Maybe you've learned to ignore the texture of mushrooms and broccoli that you once detested as a kid. Or perhaps you have learned to block out the smell of blue cheese as you add it to your salads, burgers, pastas, and pizzas. You may even be able to stand a not-so-tasty taste, if it gets you something you need or want. For example, black coffee tastes bitter, but for many people, the fragrant aroma and caffeine fix it provides outweigh its bitter flavor.

Simply put, not all foods please everybody. Tastes differ enormously from one person to the next. Picky eaters may never grow to like certain foods, while those who are more adventurous are able to discover new foods to enjoy! Take this quiz to see if your palate is adventurous enough to try the most common acquired tastes.

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