Are You More American, Canadian, British, Or Australian?

You know you're curious.

American, Australian, British, and Canadian people are all different in really subtle ways. They are their own countries and people, that is to be sure but they also share many similarities as well. They like many similar yet totally different things. They can be fans of similar sports that are played differently. They all want to get a ball or puck into a net or to the other side of a field but they do it in different ways.

The use of the English language in each country is different as well. Customs, lingo, and slangย are all different from across the nations and often comparing these brings about hilarious results. What one thing means in Canada is totally different in the United States or Australia and could also be different in England. This quiz will reveal if you act and think more like a Canadian, American, British, or Australian person. The results may surprise you.

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Are You More American, Canadian, British, Or Australian? Quiz Questions

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