This “Yes or No” Quiz Will Officially Determine If You’re a Hipster

Are you doing any of these hipster things?

Hipsters are known for their offbeat, indie tastes. They enjoy fashion, music, food and activities that are considered outside of the current social mainstream. The hipster lifestyle is one in which independent music labels, vintage clothes, and artisanal foods feature prominently. These have become telltale signs to spot a person who favors that lifestyle. Are you a hipster yourself?

Do you get agitated when you see friends share videos on dead trends, like planking or playing with fidget spinners? Or have you ever felt tempted to say that an artiste's lesser known work is better during a conversation about the latest chart hits? If yes, then maybe you do share something in common with a hipster.

Just answer yes or no to the following telltale signs of a hipster. Based on whether you do the following things, we can tell you if you are the newest hipster in town or not at all.

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