🖐 Can We Guess If You’re Left or Right-Handed?

Hand to heart, we'll get this right.

Only 12 percent of people in the world are left-handed, while the majority of people are right-handed. You might think that being a leftie or a rightie only affects the way you handle certain items, but it also determines some aspects of your personality.

Left-handers tend to be more creative than right-handers, as they are usually visual thinkers. This may explain why four out of the five designers of the original Mac computer happen to be left-handed. They are inclined to be quite intelligent, as seen in famous lefties Albert Einstein and Winston Churchill. Your dominant hand even affects certain physical attributes. Did you know that nails grow faster on your preferred hand? Right-handers have a higher life expectancy, but not to worry, it's a slight difference. Right-handers are also better at their alcohol tolerance - sorry left-handers!

Do you think we can guess correctly your dominant hand with some random hand-related questions? Take this quiz, and may the best hand win!

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🖐 Can We Guess If You're Left or Right-Handed? Quiz Questions

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