๐Ÿค“ Answer 15 Impossible Questions and We’ll Tell You If You’re More Logical or Emotional ๐Ÿ˜ข

Are you a HEART or HEAD person?

There are many dilemmas we face caused by the battle of logic against emotion. How would you know which would be the better choice at a given time?

If someone offered you two bets, one where you would get a guaranteed amount of $1,000 regardless of winning or losing and another where you'd get $3,000 if you win and nothing if you lose, which one would you take? Logically, you should try to work out your chances of winning to see which bet offers a better return given the odds. But there's definitely a part of you that instinctively wishes to go for the guaranteed $1,000. As with many dilemmas, having made your choice you can't turn back time and pick the other option, so it's important to consider all angles before making any decision.

Wondering which is your dominant side? Answer these impossibly hard questions and we'll help you figure out if you're more logical or emotional!

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