You’re Either Weird or You’re Not Weird Based on How You Eat Your Food

Do you squirt ketchup all over your fries?

There are a lot of topics that can divide people and result in never-ending debates - politics, movies, which smartphone to get next, etc. Above all, people feel strongly about food. The way we handle food differently still creates the most controversy, and it's all down to personal preferences and the way we grew up.

Do you store ketchup in the fridge or in the pantry? How do you slice your sandwiches, diagonally or straight down the middle? There is also an argument over which utensil should be used to have a delicious bowl of mac and cheese โ€“ a fork or a spoon. 80 percent of people prefer using a fork, but we think a spoon would be best to scoop up all that gooey cheese with the chewy macaroni, right?

Have your say in this quiz! Tell us which side you are on in each of these food debates and we will tell you how weird or not weird you are!

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You're Either Weird or You're Not Weird by How You Eat โ€ฆ Quiz Questions

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