🍴 Tell Us If You Cut These Foods or Not and We’ll Tell You If You Are Weird or Normal

We're all a little weird.

All of us have our own habits when it comes to eating certain foods. Most are largely normal, although some of us may have quite a few offbeat, interesting and quirky eating habits. For example, some people dip pizza in ranch dressing, add orange juice to breakfast cereal, and smother all their dishes in ketchup (or mustard).

Many of these strange habits are more common than we think. Whether you're a fan of anything pickled or prefer to eat sushi with a fork, rest assured you are not alone. Weird food combinations and eating habits are as American as apple pie, after all.

Today, we'll find out specifically how you eat certain foods. Do you tend to cut up a burger or leave it whole? How about a carrot? Based on the way you treat these foods and dishes before eating them, we will let you know whether you are actually weird or normal.

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