Anyone With the Most Basic TV Knowledge Should Get 12/15 on This Quiz

Have you been watching enough TV?

The last few decades have seen a big surge in the popularity of television shows. It seems as though many of the top content providers diverted their focus from movies to television, resulting in some of the best television shows of all time to be produced in recent years.ย With the ubiquity of high-speed Internet in households, streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+ are now the de-facto places to turn to for entertainment.

This TV quiz isnโ€™t too difficult. If you have a pretty basic knowledge of popular TV shows from the past to present then you should be able to get a fairly decent score. Youโ€™ll have to know about more than just modern television to do well on this quiz. There are also questions about critically acclaimed and classic TV showsย too. If you have a better than average knowledge of TV shows, then take this quiz to find out if you really have been paying enough attention to television.

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Anyone With Most Basic TV Knowledge Should Get 12 on This Quiz Questions

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