If You Weren’t a ’00s Kid You’ve Got No Chance of Naming These Cartoons

Nothing makes us feel like kids again more than our childhood cartoons.

When you were younger, you probably spent a lot of your time watching cartoons. You are definitely not alone. Watching cartoons is something most kids can't resist, with the colorful animations, hilarious dialogues, quirky sound effects, and entertaining characters. Some of these cartoon series stay on for a while and entertain us for a short period of time. Then there are some outstanding fan favorites that managed to stand the test of time.

Ever since The Fairly OddParents premiered in 2001, it has been going strong for 16 years, making it Nickelodeon's second longest-running animated series, behind SpongeBob SquarePants. The show is about a 10-year-old and his two fairy godparents who can grant him wishes. Don't we all want that? The longest-running animated series of all time is The Simpsons. which has been airing for an astounding 29 seasons since 1989.

In this quiz, see if you can identify the 2000s cartoon based on the characters given in the question. Can you remember all of these cartoons?

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