Only a Person Who Can See Blue Really Well Can Read These Words

Eye wonder how you'll do.

Blue is a color that is fundamental to our lives. It is seen as the pale blue of a clear daytime sky, the rich dark blue of the ocean, and even the light, pastel blue petals of the hydrangea flowers. It is a color many of us will find in our wardrobes and perhaps even on more than one wall in your home. It is a tranquil color that we associate with relaxation and calmness. Many popular and renowned brands use blue as their primary color in branding. Take a look at the mobile phone apps you have and see how many of them use mostly blue icon design, including Facebook, Twitter, PayPal, LinkedIn, Skype, Trello, etc.

But there's evidence that, until modern times, humans didn't actually notice the color. There was no mention of the word "blue" in ancient texts, which described the ocean as "wine-dark" and other strange hues. The first society to have a word for the color blue was the Egyptians, the only culture that could produce blue dyes. From then, it seems that awareness of the color spread throughout the modern world.

Can you see blue extremely well, or are you like our ancestors? Take this color vision test that features the color blue in various shades and tones, and see how well you can distinguish between light and dark shades of blue.

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