🌭 Build a Hot Dog and We’ll Tell You What Dog Breed You Are

What dog are you most like?

Build a Hot Dog & We'll Tell You What Dog Breed You Are Quiz

The hot dog is an essential part of American comfort food and a favorite snack in other parts of the world. The classic recipe of a meaty sausage placed in between a split bun and topped off with condiments like ketchup and mustard proves to be a winning combination. However, every now and then, you should try the dish with creative and tasty toppings!

Instead of regular mustard, you can try paprika honey mustard for a mix of different flavors. Elevate your hot dog with a blue cheese dressing. For an Asian twist on the All-American classic, peanut satay sauce would be the perfect condiment. A dash of steak sauce gives it the steakhouse flair any meat lover would love.

In this quiz, you get to make the hot dog you've always dreamed of savoring! The type of sausage and buns, toppings, condiments, and side dishes you choose will determine the kind of dog you are most like.

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