Can We Accurately Guess Your Height With These Random Questions?

You know your height. Do we?

When you were young, you probably thought you'd grow up to be very tall like the adults towering above you or your favorite celebrities. As time passed and before you knew it, it's the end of puberty and you knew you had to accept how tall (or short) you are. Our final height depends a lot on genetics. But did you know there were things we could all have done to grow taller?

Your health, nutrition and even posture play huge roles in determining your height. Almost 20 to 40 percent of a person's growth is affected by the food he consumes and general health condition, with the remaining owing to his parents. Your food intake determines how much energy you have, the nutrients your body gets and your weight, all of which affect your growth. Your posture, stress levels and toxins in your body also affect your height.

We think we can guess your height using these principles and your answers to these random questions. Answer honestly and we'll be able to figure out how tall you are!

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Can I Guess Your Height With Random Questions? Quiz Questions

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