Can You Go on “Jeopardy!”?

Is it time to get off your couch?

Can You Go on “Jeopardy!”? Quiz

For over half a century, America's favorite game show "Jeopardy!" and its calming theme song we've come to know so well has become a nightly bonding ritual for millions of American families. In so many years of runtime, many interesting records have been set along the way.

A special feature in the show is when the winner of an episode returns to compete and potentially win more in the next episode. As such, contestant Ken Jennings managed to set the record for the longest winning streak of 74 matches. He bagged a total of $2,522,700. However, the person with the highest amount of winnings is Brad Rutter, earning an incredible $4,355,102.

In this quiz, pretend you're on the actual game show! As a contestant, you need to do your best to answer the following questions correctly and set some records as a secondary objective. Pass this quiz and you could be a real contestant on "Jeopardy!"


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Can You Go on “Jeopardy!”? Quiz Questions