How Many of These Difficult “Jeopardy” Questions Can You Answer Correctly?

Warning: Extremely hard quiz ahead.

Jeopardy is one of the most challenging and revered game shows that have ever aired on television. This is likely why it is one of the few game shows that have managed to stand the test of time. Game shows used to make up a large percentage of TV programming but now they have been relegated in terms of their importance. However, lots of people still love Jeopardy.

The topics and questions Jeopardy covers are extremely diverse. You really need to have a large breadth of knowledge to pull from in order to do well. We've taken some of the more challenging Jeopardy questions that have aired in recent years and put them together in this quiz here. You are not going to score perfect on this quiz, but if you do, you should be calling up the Jeopardy producers right away to try to get on the show. If you are ready, give these difficult Jeopardy questions your best shot and see how many you can get correct. Don't feel bad if that number is pretty small though, these are some pretty tough questions.

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How Many of Difficult Jeopardy Questions Can You Answer… Quiz Questions

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