Sorry, Millennials, Only Gen Xers Can Name 12/15 of These Hollywood Actors

Do you know these Hollywood stars?

Every generation has its own period of pop culture that they find to be the most relevant. Whether it is the music and bands that we listened to, the movies we saw during our formative years, or the things that were trendy then, many of us will have vivid memories of the pop culture we grew up with.

To excel in this quiz, you will likely have to be from Generation X to have seen and truly appreciated these Hollywood actors and actresses in the films that they performed in. There might be a few outliers out there, people from other generations that, for whatever reason, just took a real liking to Gen X culture. Whether or not you are a Gen Xer yourself, or you simply are a fan of cinema and all things Hollywood, take this quiz and see if you recognize the actors and actresses within.

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Millennials, Only Gen Xers Can Name 12 of Hollywood Act… Quiz Questions

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