๐Ÿ‘— Can You Identify These Celebs from Their Iconic Outfits?

Are these fashion forwards or fashion fails?

Our fascination with celebrities gives us information on their current projects, their personal life, and also their sense of fashion. As much as you remember certain celebrities for their famous movies or songs, sometimes their interesting outfits gain more popularity than their work! Remember Jennifer Lopez's green Versace dress at the 2000 Grammy's? Now, do you know any of her latest music releases? My point exactly.

JLo's dress is an example of how a look becomes iconic due to it generating buzz and controversy. There are also other reasons, like when an outfit exemplifies the decade's trending fashion. Whatever the reason, memorable clothing leaves an impression on us. Sometimes we can even identify the artiste just by looking at the gown she's wearing.

It's time to test if you can do just that! We've lined up 15 iconic outfits that gained popularity starting from the mid-20th century to more modern times. See if you can identify the celebrities that wore them!

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