Can You Name at Least 12/15 of These Disney Movies from Just the Food?

Put your Disney appetite to the test!

Food has always held a special place in TV and movies for its ability to evoke feeling in the audience, making us hungry, nostalgic, or, sometimes even, straight-up grossed out. It's no surprise that some of the most iconic moments in films revolve around the acts of making and consuming food.

From Remy's ratatouille to Tiana's gumbo, Disney and Pixar movies throughout the years have packed in layers of meaning and feeling into recognizable bite-sized formats. Through numerous tastebud-tempting scenes, Disney adds a dash of their magic that makes their animated food look extra delicious. Even though the same food in real life tastes good to us, there's something about Disney food that looks irresistible and makes us want to recreate them in real life or visit a Disney park.

Have you been paying attention to the food when watching your favorite Disney films? Put your Disney appetite to the test by passing this quiz with flying colors. Warning: you may get hungry by the end of this quiz.

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Can You Name at Least 12 of Disney Movies from the Food? Quiz Questions

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