Can You Guess the Marvel Movie from Its Stan Lee Cameo?

When catching any movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the pre-requisite Stan Lee cameo is one of the most anticipated moments for a true Marvel fan. From a Hugh Hefner lookalike to a delivery man, the legendary superhero creator has played a small role in nearly every one of the Marvel films since 1989.

His first live-action role was as a jury member in the TV movie The Trial of the Incredible Hulk in 1989. But his first cinematic role was in 2000's X-Men as a hot dog vendor. Word has it that he has already filmed the cameos for five upcoming Marvel movies, and we're certainly looking forward to seeing what other roles he'll be playing!

In this quiz, try to match the still of a Stan Lee cameo to the Marvel movie it came from. Have you been paying enough attention to the movies? Prove how big of a fan you are by getting the best score possible!

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Can You Guess the Marvel Movie from Its Stan Lee Cameo? Quiz Questions

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