If You Can Match These “Star Wars” Quotes to the Correct Characters, The Force Is Strong With You

What level of Star Wars nerd are you?

Star Wars Quotes Quiz - Who Said This?

Star Wars fandom is cross-generational and loved by the oldest people alive today and the youngest who are able to comprehend the stories. It is arguably the most influential and widely known franchise of all time. Star Wars was here before many of you were born and will likely be here after all of us here today are gone.

The Star Wars universe is expanding faster than ever before with new movies, TV series, and novels expanding what is known about these worlds and the characters who live in them. With so many Star Wars films and content available these days, you have to be a real Star Wars genius to be able to match the quotes to the correct characters that said them.

If you think you rank up there with the top Star Wars experts on this planet then you will want to take this quiz, match the famous quotes to the right characters, and we will let you know how strong the Force is with you.


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Star Wars Quotes Quiz - Who Said This? Questions