Can You Pass the British Citizenship Test?

Do you think you would pass the test to get a British passport?

Have you ever wanted to migrate to any part of the United Kingdom, be it England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland? Did you think about the process of becoming a British citizen? Then, this test is important to see if you could be a citizen right now!

Known as the "Life in the UK Test", passing this test is a requirement if you apply to be a citizen or to settle in the United Kingdom. It is a multiple choice quiz that has 24 randomly generated questions, all of which test your knowledge of living in the United Kingdom. Applicants have a total of 45 minutes to complete the test.

Answer the following questions taken from the actual test. Potential British citizens have to score 75% on this before being considered for citizenship. We'll make it easier for you - if you can get more than half of them right, we think you should pack your belongings and head to the incredible Great Britain!

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Can You Pass the British Citizenship Test? Quiz Questions

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