Eat Your Way Through Europe and We’ll Reveal What City You Belong in

Your cravings will reveal it all.

With so many distinct cultures and colorful cuisines, traveling across Europe is a dream come true for any foodie. Since there are so many options and it's not possible for you to try everything in one trip, we've compiled the must-have dishes for you!

If you're ever in Germany, you should go for some currywurst. The curry ketchup-seasoned fried pork sausage may seem like a weird concept, but it is a fast food staple in the country. If you're traveling to Slovenia and feeling in the mood for something sweet, get a taste of potica. The traditional nut roll is a baked log of thinly rolled out sweet dough filled with nuts and honey. And if you're ever in Sweden, needless to say, get some Swedish meatballs, known as Köttbullar, in your belly!

In this quiz, pick a dish from each European country that looks the most appetizing to you! Your selection of meals will help us determine the city you belong in!


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